by Shaun DeGraff

I wake up in the morning to face another day as I turn to you and I see your pretty smile.
The best things in life are said to all come free, well baby in you it's true because you make me feel alright.
So put on your little summer dress girl don"t say a word. We're just gonna ride away from the city where our voices can't be heard.
Get on your little backseat and girl just hold on tight. Because girl it's my love for you in that we're celebrating tonight.
And we can play all day long booty scootin' jumpin' in the mud.
I think I'm having too much fun.
Lying in the grass think I'll get a little piece of that

Sunshine, girl you make me feel so high.
Cuddle up to me so tight. Boy loves girl it's so right so right.
Sunshine I see you up in the blue sky. Everything will be alright sunshine.

*And my baby, in my darkest hour, you bring to me like an ultraviolet ray permeating from the sun. A little ray of light that shines down upon my skin and warms me deep inside. And that's why your my little sunshine.*

Laughing and a joking all our cares away.
As we talk about times of growing up and how we'll all be old one day.
See me and my girl made a pact, that in 30 years no matter where we are at. That we'll fall in love under the sunshine again.

And we could play around all day long booty scootin' jumoin' in the mud.
I think I'm having too much fun. Wait a minute. It's been a long time since I've had a little piece of that.