New World
by Shaun DeGraff

Smack down with the bottom of the undertow
Fall in line on time boy you gotta go
Hahaha so you think you got a choice son?
Crack goes the whip, BOOM goes the start gun
Credit card bills stacking to the ceiling
Everybody's singing dont stop believing
President's just tryin' to get a witness
While the tea parties got him on the hitlist
Lobyist greasing pockets keeping power tight
Overseas China's got em' workin' all night
Wall Street Dow Jones goin' up and down
Fat cat, high rise, sleepin' safe and sound
Someone please tell me why it's gotta be this way?
I don't want to play the pawn in your chess game!
Mama taught me to respect the perfect stranger
To lend a helping hand to someone who is in's the NEW WORLD

Unemployment sittin' pretty round 10%
The best time to sell your house just came and went
Now your strugglin' cutting corners tryin to make ends meet
The situation's really got you in the hot seat
Taxpayers paying banks that got us in this mess
Giving bonuses for keeping them in business
Now his son Jimmy graduates from Harvard
While your sisters turning tricks to make a dollar
America we gotta find a better system!
One with honesty, integrity and wisdom
Let's put the Dali Lama in the White House
Eliminate the monetary system flat out
Living off the land and bartering your skillset
Family values keeping greedy fuckers in's the NEW WORLD