Green man
by Shaun DeGraff

I'm so sick of all these mother fuckers.
Taking and not giving back nothing.
Telling me they really understand. Do you? Do You?
I don't know how you look me in the eyes.
And tell me that you really sympathize.
When all of the people in your live are just like you.

I don't think you'll ever understand just what it takes to be a man livin for the city green man.
So you say that he's your best friend. But what did he have to do to fit in? Did he learn to walk and talk just like you?

How long did you think you'd get away with this mess?
I'm unimpressed by your material interest.
Why don't you give it away man? i dare you.
Because every Lamborghini and diamond ring
And all of the excess that greed brings
Doesn't make that dick get bigger now does it? HA!