by Shaun DeGraff

Ill be your weaknesses
Ill be your fantasy
Ill be the poison in the air that we all have to breathe
Ill be the president
Ill be your beauty queen
Ill be the homeless man that's sleeping on our streets as I sing

Ill be your klu klux clan
Ill be your Rodney king
Ill be the ring that's in your bathtub u don't wanna clean
Ill be your closest friend
Ill be your enemy

Ill be the music coming from these fucking keys
As I sing

Gonna be your amplifier
Turn me up to 10 and come on in
We'll defy everything/everyone in me...???

Ill be your peace of mind
Ill be your tattooed ass
Ill be the speech u got when daddy caught u smoking grass
Ill be your chemical
Ill be your diamond ring
Ill be the peaceful easy feeling Sunday morning brings

Ill be the best in you
Ill be the worst in me
I've had to find myself through all eternity
Ive read your books on faith
Ive read philosophy
It's taken all these years to find out that the truth it lies in me, it lies in me, it lies in me

I am u and u r me...