1. Rain (2005)


by Shaun DeGraff

Here alone I sit falling deeper
Into the abyss I now call my home
So afraid you'll do me wrong ow oww oww
Its been months now since
You let me go
I know time will tell
You're the food to my soul
I'm trying to be strong

But in my heart these flowers wilting
They turn a shade of grey
My mouth is dry and open
Waiting for your rain

All my life I spent waiting for you
Someone to share with everything that I am
And everything that I could be
When I lay down I often wonder
What it would be like to wake up from my sleep
With you lying there next to me ee e ee e e e e

Cause in my heart this grass is turning yellow
The sun begins to bake
My hands are dry and open
Still waiting for your rain

You told me today you found a new
One to give you things I could never seem to do
The perfect world for an imperfect you
Change of heart you say I don't think so
You fell in love with my love, but we were just to blind to see
You never were in love with me
But now I know that love is not the answer
Its how you play the game
Like sleeping with one blanket
Or sharing his last name
I hope one one day that you don't wake up in a covered pain
With children and the mortgage
Waiting for your, waiting for your, waiting for your rain
Still waiting for your rain...