by Shaun DeGraff

Driving to a party
My tire just blew
It's my 2 week vacation
And I just got the flu
Stepped into the shower
Hot water just broke
My dreams they are fading, in a puff of smoke

My girlfriend just left me
I farted too much
I feel like I'll never get out of this rutt
My hairline's receding
My job is the pitts
My neighbor she's 90, I just saw her tits
Aint that a bitch

Oh well I guess life goes on

Two years on this diet
Ive lost ½ an inch
First date in 6 months now, and I just got the shits
My errands are reading, just like Santa's list
Sure like to keep singing
But I cant find my niche

my pockets are empty and my rent is due
I stepped in a puddle with my brand new shoes
Please tell me tomorrow ill finish this luck
Cause I'm really starting to not give a darn
Oh well I guess life goes on...
And on and on on..