1. Swirl (2005)


by Shaun DeGraff

Brown thing you've got my attention.
You've got me looking in a new direction and I want to know if you could be down?
Brown thing I've got one confession. Your extra something is my only obsession.

C'mon little girl.
Baby let's SWIRL!

Brown thing can I touch you there?
Tres es uno mutitude dos solomentes compañía
and I want to know if you could be down?

Brown thing can I touch your blessing?
You'll be the salad and I'll be undressing.
C'mon little girl
Baby let's SWIRL!

Whoa You've got me thinking aloud sweet lady. You make me crazy. My eyes can't take anymore.
You taste of honey and caramel kisses.
You've got me wishing I just had a little bit more.
I want to drink for your cup sweet daughter of mother nature it's you I've got to explore.

I found my pearl now can we swirl?

RAP: C'mon girl be down! Cause I can do it like no other dude. It's Verbal E I'm conversating with the Brother Luke.
We straight loungin' vibin' off your brown skin. Queen deserving a crown and dig your whole style and your aura.
I'm walking down any corridor. there's none after you and seems like none before.
What is a man supposed to do? Steady schemin' the ways on how to get close to you.
I'm caning extra hard when I'm rockin' it.
You can swirl with bro but we like double chocolate.
I'm attracted to you girl like we from opposite worlds but more like the same so how could you blame me for doin' what I'm doin'? It's ? vs.? so I can't stop pursuin'!