1. Closer (2005)


by Shaun DeGraff

(Stream Of Consciousness)

All the people of the world please listen to my words.
It's the truth beyond a shadow in my mind.
We've got to take it back to love and fill our hearts with song.
Because the beauty that is real is deep inside.
Raise your hands up to the sky like a flower to the light.
And open up your minds with peace and harmony.
Do it now don't hesitate for it just might be too late.
Each breath we take it's farther away....

If you can't see what I can see...
Can you look a little bit harder?
If you can't hear what I can hear...
Can you listen to it longer?
If you feel the way I do...
Can you try a little bit harder?
If you don't love me like I love you...
Get a little CLOSER!

You may say and think we all strive for equality but you must ask yourself. Do I really care?
In a world that's full of turmoil and unhappiness just keep your mind set and bring back the love that once was there.
Last night I even had a talk with myself. My love was growing smaller day by day.
I remembered being younger and when everything was new. When all our problems of the world seemed so far away..


We all gotta try to make a new place to live while we are here. Gotta think about our children. We must ask ourselves. When we gonna learn? To get closer to love?