Man And His Boat
by Shaun DeGraff

A man and his boat they sail around the world in 90 days.
I've been told that I've got to change my ways.
I'm casting my line into this ocean I can call my home.
And thinking about where all my years have gone.
I'm wondering if I can muster all my strength and energy.
Becoming this man I can never be.
Never be.

*instrumental break*

A man and his boat soon find themselves inside a restless storm.
I'm wondering if I will make it home.
I know how to ride but eventually these waves become too strong.
I battle this force of nature two years long.
I tug and I turn with hopes that God can grant me a second chance to show everyone I can be a better man.
A better man.

**instrumental break**

A man and his boat soon find themselves sailing upon the clouds.
It looks as if I must face the "big guy" now.
He beckons me toward him as a loving smile rose on his face.
And says, "Man I thought you'd never find this place".
I don't understand and ask him "why have you allowed me in?"
He said: "We welcome you for the man YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN".

I've always been........

**whistle into sunset**