In My Room
by Shaun DeGraff

You see Frankie's always dreamed of being rich and hanging out with the big wigs.
He sips Dom Perrignon in his sparkling clear glass with his 40D overstuffed silicon friends.
And his wife has a big fluffy dog she can jog and a maid named Ken.
And that real expensive art that's painted from those famous dudes hanging over her table for 10. Yeah.

She's got big dreams, big car heading for the city. She's gonna be a big star.
Cause see, back home things just ain't looking pretty. No. No. No.
She's got a pocket full of cash 1$ bills she got working at the bar.
And with the new clothes, new shoes straight off the back of Hollywood well....she's gonna go so far. Yeah!

Look at me in spotlight
All I want is the spotlight
All I need is the spotlight

And I sing it's alright, gonna be alright. It's ok.

Now Frankie drinks too much and his son is in juvy and the budget's lost for his next movie and the ball and chain backed up 3 facelifts ago.
Julie lives downtown lost a good 50lbs got a job a a "singing 4 a gram" and she would go home but she can't remember where she is from.
Well all last month I got the flu and with no gigs coming in and my rent due, I drove around to look for myself a job.
I found this place that I thought was cool but as I walked in I felt like a fool because the hired some guy right on the spot because he was from the real world.

The real world..what the fuck is that a TV show? Shit.

chorus out