by Shaun DeGraff

**radio announcer voice**
"Hey hey! This is Jimmy Jam comming at you LIVE from Club Utopia wanna let everybody know now, if your not here, you'd better get here soon cause this is where it's going off the hook till 6 o'clock in the morning!"

It's Saturday night and the feelings right to get my groove on.
At the club about 10 o'clock and there is a line that stretches out until it's gone.
By the time we are inside the club the DJ says "This is the last song"
And all the people are making out to make their way home to get their groove on.
And so I just gotta say!
People of the world! All the boys and girls! Sing it.

All we need is another 10 million more people in the world.
All we needs another 10 million more hungry boys and girls
All we need is another traffic jam to make you late for work.
Procreation is what life is all about.
So go fuck your brains out.

**radio announcer voice**
Hey, hey! This is Jimmy Jim again from 108.5 if your traveling south bound on the 405, does not look good.
Wanna be careful out there. Red tail lights from Crenshaw blvd to Vineyard. We are gonna be playing some music to keep you high spirits going. Something here from Brittney Machette. A song called "Hit me baby one more time."

Driving down the 405 with the top rolled down I can't believe my eyes.
All the cars stacked back to back with a line that stretches round some twenty miles.
Then a man on the radio says "I'll try my best to help you pass the time".
Looking out on the sea of cars he plays a song called " Like, give it to me one more time."
And so I've gotta say!
People of the world!
All the boys and girls!


Baby, we can make baby.
And if you like baby, we can put more babies on this baby. Just me and you.
When you guys gonna fucking get a clue?
That time is running out!!