by Shaun DeGraff

Well it's 8:45 back in '86 and I can't stop looking at my English teachers tits.
She's saying something man it sounds like the phone in Charlie Brown.
The bell starts ringing get the hell out of class. I'm showing off those brand new parachute pants.
The dance is coming man I hope that they have a fly DJ this year.
My hormones raging man I don't know why that Dana Freeman he's a really swell guy.
Because quarterbacks get all the cute girls in school.
Down in the men's room take my first hit of fade. I'll trade your pudding pop for my Kool Aid.
I found heaven in the back of her dad's Chevrolet.
In the 8th grade.

Oh Sheila's playing watch the cheerleaders move. Me and Chris Eggy sing the 501 blues.
Our team is loosing man I hope no one knows i could give a shit less.
Shop class is laughing paint thinner up my nose.
5 bucks I'll eat one of those stepped on Rolos. While me and Donny play some BBall in front of the sewage man.
Breakdancing down at the Centennial Park. Your Vertebreak and I'm Masterlock.
Got more attention since my haircut's in teen magazines.
Andy Devine is gonna have a parade. It sounds so boring but I might get laid.
Such is life down here in Kingman AZ.
In the 8th grade.