by Shaun DeGraff & Lenny Mechado

Ladies and gentleman!
Gather 'round and watch in wonderment as you witness in something totally wicked.
This demonstration is not for the culturally brainwashed or faint at heart.
So all dumb asses please step off.
Prepare yourselves as we witness the dark shadow that lies within all of us.
Human nature."

Oh my god! She can't believe the grueling pictures popping on her television screen that night on the news 13.
She reaches for the remote control to turn the channel swearing she can't take it anymore.
Then why does she watch more?
He looketh upon the little girlie magazine and tells his wife hey "I think all these pictures are obscene. Oh how really disgusting."
But the night just right before he had 3 ladies knocking on the hotel door. Now tell me who is the whore.


It's something wicked
That's human nature for ya.

Johnny boy home from school, he says his friends were laughing at him calling him a fool. His mothers says "Awe, how cruel".
But she goes out right with her friends. They point their fingers whispering and giggling time and time again. Now tell Johnny what is the difference?
"Hey there kid, whats up bro? I gotta tell ya you put on an excellent show." as he grabs me by the elbow.
"You could be a millionaire, just loose the weight and change the length and color of your hair. Hey kid I know that it's not fair, but".


Listen to a newborn cry. Where did he get this information?
Look into your brothers eyes as he runs from immigration.
It's a roller coaster ride but someone else has bought your ticket.
To deny it breeds the savior to something wicked.