by Shaun DeGraff & Lenny Mechado

Walking on this world standing on two feet.
Putting out your hands, don't even know who your meeting.
While underneath your souls there is a whole new world.
I'm trading in your diamonds and I'm getting back some pearls.
Dive in, down deep forget about your troubles and your 9 to 5.
Under the waves, these wonders will not lie.

Swimming under water listen to the sound.
Swimming under waterwater we are living under ground
Swimming under water it is a life so serene
Swimming under water let the water rinse you clean
Swimming under water back where we began
Swimming under water we got to shed our skin
Swimming under water 10,000 leagues under the sea
Swimming under water it's for you and It's for me.

Mr. Starfish tell me why we're looking towards the sky?
When we don't even understand where we live or where we lie.
There's a city down below with some whole new sounds.
I'd rather swim with the dolphins then walk upon the ground.
Take back your phones forget about the balance on your credit cards.
We won't breath air that comes from your car!