Not Going Down
by Shaun DeGraff

It's midnight now, New Years Eve 2007, I heard the news at 11. My two best friends, newlyweds, they looked so happy together.
Riding down Las Vegas Blvd. laughing hard they had no idea....what was about to...
Happend to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Smack down in the middle of a runaway 5-0 line.
They never even seen the car coming. Gotta ask myself "Why did the have to be the chosen ones?" to suffer from such a selfish endeavor. He ran a red light at 60 MPH. Confused is the only way I can feel. Can someone wake me up and tell me this isn't real?

I'm all out of faith.
Life's a spinning wheel.
You can play the game, or you can make the deal.
If there is a higher power with a human face.
Tell him i said it's over...I'M NOT GOING DOWN!

I believe that everyone must find their own path to peace.
So why can't you leave me alone you hypocritical human being?
And as I begin to walk through his place they call the Neon Jungle.
Reality hits me like a bursting of a bubble. I'm convinced that God and Evil were created by humans as a means of pacifying and controlling all of the human race to the end of this cycle of fear.
I'm here and I'ts clear that i can't tell you anything that you don't already know.


Chorus out